Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mock Test

Todae have my Math Mock Test le. Heard from Joe tt it was quite a difficult paper, but i will try to do well in it man! I Love Math alot!! But i gonna work very hard and get a better !! I would like to score high for this paper!! Make this a challenge to mi!
Yesterdae... I was quite tired!! Den at klass i angry wit Ben too.. Exam comin nearer and nearer le.. Do u make any preparations for yr sub. ? I saw him sleepin, den wake him up! Den he was tired. I understand him.< cuz he got soccer > But he should sleep early. Everytime saw him sleepin, i ask him wad time u sleep, he answered back "about 12 plus". Den i would sae y u don wanna sleep early?? He answered" I wanna watch my TV show"!!! Den I was angry, i told him, if u like to sleep at school, y don sleep at home!!!??? Home still have bed! Den he sae "if can i would oso like to sleep at hm"! "IF MY PARENTS NV ASK MI TO COME, I WOULD NOT COME!!"
I was angry to heard him sayin this! Den i reply back, " If u come to school to study is for yr parents, i think u are real useless"!!
Actually i would realli hope tt he can go to Sec. 5(N.A) BUT... I realli donnoe tt wad he's 3 sub. tt he going to get beyong 10 pts. for "N" Level. I would always wanna ask him! But nv ask. He still not workin hard enough! Ben plz work harder.. <17-8-05> (6.20a.m)
Todae morning wake up, was so so tired!!! My mum had a difficult time of wakin mi up! wahahaha cuz yesterdae nite when to eat wit my dad den went back home prepare to sleep it's abt 12 midnight liao lol.. Everytime i sleep at abt 9 or a bit latter so now sleep late can't tarhan!! but todae nv sleep in klass!! tarhan till go home den sleep le!! haha sleep abt 2 hours! wake up stomach pain!! keep going to toilet.. till weak.. den my dad ask mi wad happen? i answered stomach pain den he ask mi to open a pineapple can to eat and drink!! now better le..
Tml havin SS Prelim exam. i didn't read at all.. cuz i think tt now if i read it will give mi alot of pressure and i oso can't remember much. But i will study for "N" Level. Now i keep on concentrate on Math & Science and wanna push myself to ! den i will later concentrate more on other sub. ! Now towards the "N" Level is comin nearer and nearer. Need lots of revision. "God will bless u if u work hard 1st!" someone told mi this! Another reason is because, wahahhaha my bro. say if i work hard and get 4pts. for my "N" Level best 3 and he will buy for mi PlayStation3! Den for 5pts. , any handphone. For 6 pts. $100 cash! For 7, $50 cash! haha, a good deal! i study hard is oso good for myself too..
Gonna end here le.. haha, wish all the bestz for all my frenes! **WoRk HaRd*!

Friday, August 12, 2005


Todae was the chinese prelim test.. i didn't prepare much abt it. i think tt i did not do well bahz.BUT i gonna do well for my "N" Level!!! I wannna pass wit good grades! Exam comin nearer and nearer le.. Gonna stay at hm and be guai kai liao. hahaz. This month i oso over spend le. spend all my allowance and have to wait a few more daes to get it again. hahahz in school eat bread!! i sae i wanna save $ den in the end go out , eat, play till now over spend. Last few daes oso brought a new spects. but tt's my mummy sponsor. hahaz. Now gonna to school le. Byeieee...!!! Cya!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

What a Long LeSson i Have todae!!

Mornin 8.15p.m. , do English paper le.. i was difficult i was like being distrated and not wantin to do.. But Miss Teo sae it was counted in the Progress Report Card! Den i veri slowly do the paper.. till no time to complete the paper.. SUMMARY! BUT i got do the draftin!!! Todae donnoe y, i was worryin abt my "N" Level!! i realli don wanna retain. so i was a bit more quiet.. I wanna do it well!!! It's oso expensive!! <$280.000> it's quite alot of $ too...!! After tt went for my chinese klass, do xi zi.. after tt mark paper!! Not long, recess lol!! I wanna save money den now recess seldom drink can drinks liao lol.. Drink walter Coollerrr!! hahhaz, guess wad lesson i have after recess?? HISTORY!! But noe i am more interested in History liao.. Not like last time didn't listen!! i am slowly improvin in my History! I got try to remember wad teacher den after write in a foolscape. Not bad noe wad to write the important pts. liao! hahaz, finish my History work! Have a short restz b4 continue SS! i've oso done my work but donnoe got all the pts. anot.. Later gonna revise lol.. Now like almost everydae got tuition like tt.. Den came back hm late.. tired too... But wad to do? i wanna complete and do well for it! *Hope tt i can do so!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Muahahhahaz!!>>Lots of pple B'dae todae and tml!

HapPiie Happy B'dae to Celine<27-7-05>, Shu Fen, Fiona<28-7-05>!!! Hope all the veri wary very bestz for u all!!! Wishes u pass all the EXAM wit flyin colours!! Mature liao ah!!! can see NC-16 show liao.. hahhaz. Spend quite alot on gifts too!!! hahhaz, Gals gifts are difficult to find sia!! hahhaz... At least donnoe wanna buy wad for Linez but after a ""Short"" walk in J8, finally saw a thing which was nice and Style!! Hahaz!! Den when to eat SteaK lol!!! August cumin soon too le!!! A few more daes man!! Alot of activity sia!! Got Exam, Openin seasons for EPL and lots of B'dae too... hahhaz!!! Once again, happie B'dae!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

This is e BESTZ SteaK i've eaten b4!!! Simply Delicious!

Todae, i won't forget the smell of the pork SteaK!! it was simply DELICIOUS!!! it was very veri wary nice!!! EXcellent man! Although it was quite expensive but i think it was quite worth it. Mi and Muquan todae when to J8 to buy gifts for my class-mate and my Buddies! After tt we went to try the food!! Muquan suggested to eat the SteaK! At 1st i was like don wanna eat cuz expensive. But den, i sae try lol, not everytime eat wan! When i take the 1st look at it, the Spaghetti was not much. In fact i can finish them in 5 mouth! Muquan agreed too..! den we try the Spaghetti , it was.......!!! and the soup was.....SUPERB!!!! The SteaK was .....!! hahaz We was eating HAPPILY and keep commentin abt it! hahaz! Muquan sae, if the Stall was at his hse dowmstairs, i would go there for breakfast, lunch and DINNER TOO!! After tt we went to drink Starbuckz! As long time nv drink it le, it smells GOOD! Todae we was eating of ho liao! Gonna be "skinny" in a few daes time le!! hahaz. I wanna eat the food again & again!!! Spent quite alot todae man!! wahahhahhaz, BUT enjoy! NiteZX!! Everybody!!! Woaizx!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Realli long time nv write liao

it's a very long tume tt i update my blog!! Cuz mayb i'm busy and cuz of School h/w and tuition all tt!!"N" level is realli comin nearer and nearer.. & i wanna work hard to get to 5N !!! It's actually not hard as long u are not slack and revise often. Aim 3 subs. and get less den 10 pt.s ! I hope tt all my frene can pass it and continue on! Believe in yrself and work hard for it!! Try yr bestz in anything u do. Do it once and well! Mi nowadaes *mad* on Chemistry le.!. hahahz!! :) keep doin the (TYS). I'm not happy wit my MAth results!! i wanna aim higher markz! i wan my markz not to float around and stay stable. Study hard for abt 9weekz, den after Exam, u can relax le.. Todae mi stay a hm all time den after tt Linez come to my hse to borrow SS Text-book from mi as she lent to Hafiz. My sis. miss her alot man!! hahaz. haha! Linez Birthdae comin soon liao and i'm oso going **OVERSEAS too liao!! Hahahaz All the besz Linez!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

hahaz>> Long time nv edit my post le

keke... wad i'm busy these few daes?? hahaz^^ from 15-19 of June i have 3 bbq to go!! One was 2A2 class gatherin!! Second was my family arrrange de!! Third was my frene, Muqing chalet and bbq!! all this daes was very busy!! but Enjoy too!! The 2A2 bbq was quit fun. we play games, eat , sit down chat too.. We have quit a lot of "wings". hahaz!! We saw Ben's bro. , Andy. We play games wit them!! hahaz.. their games was quit funny!! play was quit fun den after tt abit tired le. we play till midnight, 3a.m!! hahaz.. still got alot to go till the sunrise! After tt so much wanted to sleep.. but control lol.. finally they went to pack the this!! we clear all the unwanted things and take those things tt we wan! after tt we went to Mac to have our breakfast... hahaz, i keep makin my frenes laugh!! keep sayin "cannot lah" keke.. hahaz.. went to bus, all was so tired den .. ... hahaz sleep lol.. hahaz... pple mornin so energetic we so tired.. so wierd!! hahaz
My family bbq was juz outside my hse onli... there too have alot of food!!! i was playin games in my hse den my cousin and my cousin lao gong bbq for mi.. keke.. so lucky!! hahaz.. after tt i wanna help them, they sae nvm lol.. i can.. the food was nt bad too!! hahaz After tt my cousin bf wanna mi go down play soccer wit my all small cousins too!! hahaz!! they play soccer was so funny! they keep runnin!! later sae no air liao!! hahaz hahaz they was so tired! After tt i went back hm to bath and have my dinner!!!
At my frene bbq, i went to drink... hahaz but a bit only lol not much.. All went to drink!! Jun Hong went into drunk!! Face dam red!! eyes too!! After tt he can't tarhan liao den went to sleep... Sleep do soundly... hahaz... After we play cards, till abt 11.30p.m at the chalet.. Den at tt time i was thinkin is there any bus to go hm liao?? Den we take bus 354 to the interchange. we wanna take 88 to go hm wan.. but!!!!!!!!!!>> no bus liao.. the last bus has leave le.. HAVE TO TAKE CAB!! It cost quit alot.. Went hm! bath, go online a while den... SLEEP!!

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